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Puinte Aingeal - Just Because by DBWyld
Puinte Aingeal - Just Because
Ah, Puinte (Pwin-tay)...  Puinte Aingeal is a member of the elven race of uvazne, elves of the shadowed lands.  Despite her often cold expression and penchant for acting a bit on the dark side, Puinte can be quite the fun loving sort, a joker and a flirt.  She is often brash and sarcastic, and she is not afraid to call someone out on their trifles.  Though by all definition, she is a pirate, she says that what she does is "run a privateer."  While she does do jobs for certain ruling houses and courts, she is much more suited to a little terror on the high seas.  Her ship, though not large in the least, is well equipped for speed and durability.  As it sails the seas, the belly of the boat leaves trailing flecks of glowing light in the waters behind it.  The giant-kin who had built her ship named it Stjörnuryk, which loosely translates to Stardust.  She has a connection of sorts to the serpent fiend, Arcadius.

This was my first attempt at doing my style of trace and color toonify art using a true tablet, a Galaxy Note 12.2 to be exact, with the ArtFlow app.  I wasn't able to do all of the picture, but I was able to do most of it, leaving only the large transparent copy and the text for PhotoShop.  The ArtFlow app is slick in that it allows you to work in numerous layers and even save your project as a PSD so that you can continue to work on or finish you work in PhotoShop.

Puinte's persona is based on a good friend of mine named Emily, Emmi.

ArtFlow Android App and PhotoShop CS3 - Approx 8 hours.
Full Body image from Jessica at Faestock.


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Dusty B
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Where to begin... I was born and raised in Michigan, the mitten state of the US. This is where I still live in a slight state of economic poverty because this state quite simply blows. However, I have no immediate desire to leave simply because my entire family is here.

I doodle in my spare time as well as write and design.

I am highly into medieval fantasy, dark fantasy, and science fiction. I dig video games, namely those with excellent stories, and have been an avid role player for some time. My favorite pen and paper games include D&D 3.5 (4th Edition Sucks!), Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, and any of the White Wolf World of Darkness games.

I have been in the process of actually designing my own pen & paper game for some time based on the world in which most of the doodled characters come from. Its a long process being only me and one other guy working on it, but it has been panning out nicely.

That is the basic info on me. If you want to know more, just ask.

Note: I also have two blog sites, one dedicated to random thoughts, if I have any, and the other dedicated to works of a literary sense.

Link-- Random Thoughts
Link-- Writings and Such

Fancy title eh?

I just wanted to let it be known to the few folks on deviant here that watch me.  I recently started a couple of blogs, one to just ramble in, and the other to share stories I write in my free time.  

Here's the addresses...



Until later,

Big floppy!
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