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Dusty B
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Where to begin... I was born and raised in Michigan, the mitten state of the US. This is where I still live in a slight state of economic poverty because this state quite simply blows. However, I have no immediate desire to leave simply because my entire family is here.

I dig medieval fantasy, dark fantasy, and science fiction. I dig video games, namely those with excellent stories, and have been an avid role player for some time. My favorite pen and paper games include D&D 3.5 (4th Edition Sucks!), Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, and any of the White Wolf World of Darkness games.

When I sit down to dabble in my art, either as images or words, I hope to create worlds.


I've recently lost my job, and I am in the process of searching for a new one... with little luck mind you.  I've taken some of my time away from the world of work to dabble in some artsy crap, hence the more recent additions to my gallery.

That is all. 
  • Listening to: The TV in the background
  • Reading: These words
  • Watching: Myself type
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Sparkling Ice Lemonade Iced Tea
Scarlyst - Just Because by DBWyld
Scarlyst - Just Because
Much like the so-called Goddesses of Light and Dark, Kalysta and Eyri, Scarlyst is the embodiment of one of the First Souls.  Unlike the sisters, however, she did not come about through belief of others.  Instead, she took form from her belief alone, a desire so strong she was able to create form.  She had need for a sense of feeling aside from that which she constantly felt - dread.  Scarlyst is the First Soul of Solitude, and she yearned to break from a never-ending loneliness.  Despite her efforts to mingle among the mortals of the common realm, she can not find a companion to truly make her feel wanted.  She has loved many, and many have claimed love for her... for a time.  It is her being alone, her essence, that forces others to leave her to be alone.  She is constantly followed by a shadow of her own loneliness and has the innate ability to sap the happiness of others, despite not wanting to.  She only seeks to find a happiness of her own in the form of a loving companionship.


Background from Fetsch - amazing artwork!
Inspired by a friend of mine that just has terrible terrible luck with men and just wants someone to share a similar love with.


Photoshop CS3
Wacom Tablet
Approx 7 hours
Colton Talh - Just Because by DBWyld
Colton Talh - Just Because
Colton Talh was once a member of the Unified Soldiers of Astan, originally based in Glimmerwood, near the arctic hills of southern Slae. During a battle with a pack of lupine monstrosities from the snowy hills, a grievous wound had left him for dead. Only when a number of the woodland critters gathered around him to cover him from the blistering cold did he realize he had a sort of spiritual connection with the animals. He later found the origin of this connection to be an ages old blessing passed down through his lineage from one of the ancient meliaen of Briar's Brood, gifted when an ancestor of his protected their root-father. It was because of this tale, and his hatred of all things supernatural, he formed a band to hunt the unnatural and named this band The Legion of Thorns. His companion owl, D'rouen, has been his closest ally, second only to his other companion and lover, the faer Angelique.


Full body --some medieval costume website (I know... cheap and kinda plagiaristic, but fuck it)
Owl --BOOM Google!

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Tablet
Estimated time 8 hours
Angelique - Just Because (New) by DBWyld
Angelique - Just Because (New)
After having escaped a nightmarish torment in The Dreamscape, the faer Angelique has become companion to one Colton Talh, leader of the Legion of Thorns.  With him and his band, Angelique hunts and battles the undead across the lands of Slae.  Strapped to her back is Svitani, a mystical bow gifted to her by the divokyr of Konec Dosah, the eastern most elven canopy kingdom of Slae, after she, along with Colton's band of soldiers, helped to push back an undead horde moving in on their lands.  Its magics allow it to fire without need of ammunition, thorn barbed arrows with leafy feathering.  Each arrow stings with the light of day.  Its magics also allow her to fire these arrows at their full size if she has used the blood-born gift of her people to shrink her and all she is adorned with down to a diminutive sprite capable of swift flight.

This is a complete update of an older image, giving her a more mature. more clothed, and more battle-ready appearance.


Body model --Andrea Rosu.
Partial Armor --Xavietta.
Other Armor --Sure I found it here, but I can't find the link.


Photoshop CS3
Wacom Tablet
Estimated Time - 10 hours

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